Hi there! I’m Sarah Vanbelle, an editorial and commercial illustrator with a heart for social design. I translate complex ideas into simple and clever illustrations. My studio is in Antwerp, Belgium and I work for clients near and far. Take a look around 👀

Grafixx extd.


At Grafixx extd. Sebastiaan Van Doninck and I will talk about how our own identity and queerness finds it way to our illustrations. Other speakers: Dominique Goblet and Thé Tjong-Khing 💛

Save the date: somewhere post Corona, DeStudio, Antwerp.

Small Print 

De Tijd

Don’t stumble over the small print! A series of editorials for the insurance guide of De Tijd, the Belgian financial newspaper.



An image made for a super fun podcast about science, for kids. Produced by Het Geluidshuis, known for their delicious audiobooks. Check it out!

Coffee or tea?


Fresh filter coffee in the morning. Grated ginger and lemon tea in the evening. Some quick animations in the afternoon.