Hi there! I’m Sarah Vanbelle, an editorial and commercial illustrator with a heart for social design. I translate complex ideas into simple and clever illustrations. My studio is in Antwerp, Belgium and I work for clients near and far. Take a look around 👀



An exploration of noses, ears, hairy hair and digital brushes.

200 Festival

City of Antwerp

I designed the look and feel of 200 Festival, a festive ending of celebrating 200 years of Antwerp city schools. I worked in close collaboration with the city and the educational department.


De Tijd

A series of editorial illustrations full of movement and disaster for the Insurance Guide of De Tijd, the Belgian financial newspaper. And a series of illustrations for their Retirement Guide.

Uniqlo in Antwerp


An illustrated  letterpess coaster to announce the opening of the first Uniqlo in Antwerp. After a year we celebrated their first birthday with a giant festive girafe on Uniqlo’s shop window.